Hey Friends,  

It's been like what 3 weeks since the release of my latest single, I’ve been on a little break working on new projects.  

There is a producer I’ve wanted to work with for a while but we’ve never could until now. I contacted him last week and we are excited to be working together now; he came with a kind of project I’ve always wanted. What can I say, I am thrilled? YES 

I’ve been preparing and waiting for this phase in my career for 7years, better days are here. 



Social media is getting crazy by the day, it takes a certain amount of discipline and self-control not to fall into the pettiness, childishness, and drama. This is one reason I feel lucky to be an artist because I have a valid escape from all this.  

People get insulted, dragged and bullied every day online and by individuals who add none value to their lives. I want to talk about how to stay above all this drama. 

Do you know that most people who insult you do so because of their own insecurities and not because of you? Don't take their actions personally. While some do it with boldness, others are cowards because they can’t even say these things to your face.  

If someone has insulted you online and you feel bad about it, I understand you but you can learn to be unbothered and unoffended. Give no one power over you by replying or explaining your actions to them. If you do this, you are validating their opinion of you. 

“Choose not to be harmed -  and you won’t feel harmed. Don’t feel harmed - and you haven’t been.” - Marcus Aurelius 


Because everyone is not the same, we are all brought up in different environments, don’t expect some people to behave as you would like them to.  

The things that would normally upset me has no effect on me now, If they happened a few years ago, I would be pretty beat. 

A dear friend called me on Saturday, telling me how a girl she sold some clothes to had made a snarky remark of her body and thought it was a joke. My friend is a hot-headed one, I took some time to pacify and make her understand that she cannot play this game. I advised her to do her business and let it go. 

This reminds me of a story I read about this man who insulted and harassed the Buddha, throwing verbal abuses at him. The Buddha never got provoked and when someone asked why he wasn’t annoyed, he replied........ 

“If someone gives you a gift and you refuse to accept it, to whom does the gift belong?”


Remember, you always have a choice 

“Between stimulus and response lies man’s greatest power: the power to choose.” 

It’s easy to blame people for things they do but you have the greatest power and that’s the one of choice. Choose how you respond to insults and condescending people. Don’t give them power. 


Stand up for yourself  

This is not telling you to sit back and watch people insult you repeatedly, you’ve also got to know when to draw the line and take actions. If you are insulted or bullied on social media, the block button is your online power use it and use it well. 

The goal of every bully or person who goes online to say awful things to you is to upset you, the best way to handle this is to be unbothered. It takes the power away from them. 

You can also imagine this person trying to insult you as a child, ruffle their hair, pat them on the back and tell them to grow up. 

let’s mind our business and avoid social media dramas.

Have a lovely week ahead. Be productive.






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