Feeling the summer breeze



What have I been doing? 

I am writing my first album, speaking with various producers, researching and listening to tons of albums. After releasing my last single, I was trying to figure out what next to do.  

It's more than recording songs and putting out for downloads or streams, It’s finding where to improve as a singer/songwriter and doing the work to reach my long-term goals. 

Before now, when I do my vocal exercises, I run through them and that's it, now I’ve created a target working plan for my vocals exercise for every day of the week for example - Mondays I focus on enunciations, Tuesdays on style and riffs/runs, Wednesday on tonality and dynamics etcetera.  

I still do the required lip thrills, breathe control exercise every day. I can tell you this, it’s worth it as I noticed my voice strengthening. 

Back to being stuck 3 weeks ago, I left everything music related aside.  

I stopped sitting in front of my computer to make music and just enjoyed life more, went to the movies, attended concerts and business parties, visited the national museum and lay in the park with my book. It took 2 weeks to come out of this rut. As soon as I did, ideas came flowing, words, feelings and emotions I cannot describe except through my music.  

If you are in this situation, it's always best to pick time off and take care of your mind, heal yourself and recharge.  

I will keep this new energy and write until my hands get sore and I’m satisfied with what I’ll produce.