New Music Video Release (SECOND CHANCE)

New Music Video Release 

Hello, Zebels (It's safe to call my fans by their right names). 
In November 2019, I traveled back to Nigeria to visit with my family and did some studio recording work. The twist is that I didn't know how much vocal recording and writing I would do.  
If you recall, I released a song Loyalty on Spotify on March 20, 2020, this was the song I planned to record and only this because I was going home for a relaxing, partying with my friends and family. 

I messaged Drillmeister, a friend, producer/engineer, and Ceo of Alien prose entertainment Convo. The next day, I packed my laptop and pen/paper and headed to the studio. We had a lot of catching up to do. After recording and listening to their new projects with another local artist who is also a childhood friend, I worked on more projects. I had one week to record 4 songs. I juggled between Kaduna and Abuja, writing and working with two talented producers, vino and Rico.  
I recorded the song "second chance" last because I was struggling with the words and emotions. Then on this day, it came pouring out, and everyone could feel it in the studio. The day I said goodbye to pain, emotional and mental abuse, I suffered and all the shit I took from people who are there only when it suits their needs.  
It is a feeling I cannot explain, and it was teaching me you must let no one control you, especially your mind, how you think. 
For instance, if anyone tells you to stop wearing a particular cloth that you like, it's not about you, it is about their damn feeling. Why would you choose someone else's opinion of you over what you want as long as it isn't harming anyone? The minute you feel bad for someone's opinion of you at that moment, you give them power over you. 
I thank the universe for the Second Chance to be excellent. 

Watch the video here on YouTube and the audio links will be out on all digital stores on September 04, 2020. 

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