Hello Zebels,  

I am excited to start writing on my blog again. This year started with significant challenges; the biggest I've had to face this year was finding my bearing in my music career, family life, and self-care/activism blog. 
I took some vital steps that helped me find my purpose to help me stop running around in circles.  
It started by taking stock of all my emotions and life-changing moments over the years. 


JOURNALING:- This helped me a lot to understand myself better. Writing down my feelings, daily lessons, and everything that triggered me saved me months of spiraling. 

Most creatives will agree that we are steadily comparing our lives with other artists on social media, especially those we see as always busy. Constantly downplaying our hard work and wins. We even think of quitting more times than not.  
How can you disappoint your purpose in life? You, who is here to make art, one of the most sacred gifts of life just because you think you are not famous and blowing? 
Journaling helped me start celebrating my wins more and setting realistic goals. 

MUSIC PRODUCTION:- In 2021, I started taking my production seriously, upgraded my Cubase pro daw, practicing music theory every chance, learned to mix, and learned how to use my daw plugins to make the music that I've always wanted to make. When I picked interest in music production, I always thought I needed expensive and plenty of plugins to make music.  
I am currently working on my first studio album and using all that I've learned to carve out a unique style of music for my fans. You'll be getting songs I produced on the album. 

Finally, I learned to let go; by practicing daily mindfulness and gratitude. 


2021 is the year we heard so much of this word: self-care
We don't care if we overuse it: we care that it works. It does. 

Joining a forum for INFJ personality type was one of my best decisions this year.  
I've always felt out of sync with the world at large, seeking a deeper meaning to things, often misunderstood, and constantly having to deal with people trying to control me.

Now I know I'm not alone; I have a community to fall on when life gets overwhelming. I also found my place in the NFT community, they supported for my art.  
For me, part of my self-care was finding my community.


I have a good feeling about 2022 and I'm ready to share this journey with you. 

P.s I have new music and video coming soon. Join my community to be the first to listen before its released. 


Have a happy holiday and see you in 2022.