Why We Need a Mind Revolution in Nigeria 


Nigeria is a country of great potential, with a population of over 200 million people (which is a matter for another post), which makes us the most populous country in Africa. 

Even though Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa, it is still not among the top ten economies in the world. (BOOM)! 

But why? We could spend the entire day discussing corrupt leaders and the government, so I'll just say it like it is. 

MINDSET: defined in the Oxford dictionary as the established set of attitudes held by someone. Check out an example. 

"The region seems stuck in a medieval mindset."


The quality of our lives is a result of our mindset. In every country or region of the world, there are certain mindsets that determine how open-minded, innovative, and forward-thinking the people are. 


These are some basic examples of mindsets : 

1. The "It’s too risky" mindset :-

The "It’s too risky" mindset is a common one. People are afraid of the unknown and often avoid taking risks (a good example is swimming). However, in order to grow and move forward in life, people need to learn how to take risks.

We can solve this with education. In order for people to overcome their fear of taking risks, they need to be educated on what it is like to take those risks and what can happen if you don’t. 


2. The "Get rich quick" mindset :-

Unfortunately, Nigeria ranks as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and a major contributor to this is the quest to make quick money by any means necessary.

Nigerians are generally colorful and festive people, and we live for the show-off lifestyle. But what happens when society doesn’t recognise your other efforts and because you don’t speak the "Mulla" language?

Most Nigerians have a negative view of intellectuals; they feel like educated people should take a seat at the back. In some severe cases of mindset override, we mock intellectuals on social media as Nigerians join forces to tell them "keep quiet, you get money." "Pidgin English" (Pidgin English) like seriously WTH! 


3. The "Stuck or fixed" mindset:

Many Nigerians wallow in this mindset. They are stuck in the past, with outdated traditions that don’t foster self-development and innovation, and they have refused to see things from another point of view.

Where do we go with this type of thinking and behaviour? I’ll tell you-only down and backward. We are industrious, intelligent, full-of-life people, so it’s sad when we are not in the best economies in the world. 

This needs to change! There is a need for a mental revolution in Nigeria. We need to innovate more; we need creativity and we need breakthroughs! 


Questions to make us think 

Number one:   What efforts are you willing to make to live a better life, even if it means getting a proper education for your long-term goals? 

Number two:-  Would you sacrifice the rest of your life to "get rich quick" (it never ends well) or set smaller goals that you can achieve and be proud of? 

Number three: What is a mindset that you think we need to change in Nigeria, personally and collectively? 

Here's a video that encapsulate what this post is all about GOOD ANGER


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