Do you have a Plan?


I finished watching a YouTube video of a young girl talking to Nigerians concerning travelling to the USA, their expectations and the reality. I picked up on a few of her points and it hit home.  

According to this article on vanguard the rate of unemployment has increased from 3.3 to 20.9 in 2018. here This statistic is a cause for concern. 


The Average Nigerian youth go through University studies without a plan for after school, no clue. We are living in a society where young Nigerians are devoid of logical thinking pattern that will help them in life. 

We have many unrealistic views of life and how we think things should work, picking up this views from social media where people live fake lives, wishing to be buoyant like the internet fraudsters that spends money as if nothing or that uncle that shares money like he plucks it from trees.  

An observation made by a clinical psychologist at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka  Cyriacus Ajaelu - “65 percent of Nigerian graduates lack the mindset to face challenges because they lack the right orientation.” You can read the article  here .

No proper orientation for what life holds after school, so we graduate and discover that it was not as we thought it would be. We become overwhelmed, ashamed, depressed and disappointed that we are not making any progress in life. At this point we look for back-doors to succeed.


There is something about the mind, whatever you think of you’ll manifest around you, as you think about how to make quick money and show off on the internet for people who you don’t know and don’t care about you, you’ll attract internet scammers, ritualist, armed robbers and runs boy and girls as friends who will plant their seeds of mischief in your minds. How correct is this?!!! 

Now, back to the no-job talk, I want to know why a majority of the Nigerian youths avoid hard and honest work?  


Go right now on Instagram and you will see the caucus of internet beggars every second of every day, many honest businesses don’t have interactions on their pages anymore unless they dole out money frequently. 

I have never seen where one of these beggars asks “What can I do for you? How can I help your business grow? or give me a job and pay me. 

There are few who are succeeding because they know what they have to do and they do it.  


I’m not ashamed of getting down and dirty if I have to put food on my table and take care of my loved ones.

Whether it is car repair, cleaning, selling food stuff, making foot wears and jewelries, whatever you can learn how to do and do it excellently. 

We cry of no jobs but we don’t want to create jobs for ourselves. We must not all work in giant corporations or become singers and comedians in Nigeria.

I want to see young girls trading ideas, going to big markets, haggling for food stuffs and selling at their price making profits.

Young guys coming together to innovate or manage and own farms.

Even the children sharing ideas of what they would love to create and put in the work now. 


  • Learn something to back up your studies: Use the internet my friends!!! You can learn just about any skill on the internet, then personalize it to become your brand. Have a back-up plan!
  • Shun bad influences and people who make you feel bad about yourself because they are spending money they don’t have. 
  • Parents and society, stop putting undue pressure on the youth and comparing them with others, encourage and help them see and create opportunities. 
  • Everybody must not study in the university. Yes, I said it. We need more practical vocational colleges in Nigeria where youths can put their mind and brains to work, invent things and flourish. 

Life has given us a chance, there is no shame in hard work.

Read, share and drop your comment. Until my next post. 

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