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Why We Need a Mind Revolution in Nigeria 


Nigeria is a country of great potential, with a population of over 200 million people (which is a matter for another post), which makes us the most populous country in Africa. 

Even though Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa…

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It is a big deal!

How was your weekend?  

I enjoyed my weekend at home with my husband. We played some VR (Virtual Reality) games and watched videos on YouTube about the solar system, energy and the origin of man and then on Sunday…

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Do you have a Plan?


I finished watching a YouTube video of a young girl talking to Nigerians concerning travelling to the USA, their expectations and the reality. I picked up on a few of her points and it hit home.  

According to this article…

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The mind revolution of the Nigerian



We boast of traditions and we are one of the most religious people on earth. 

Let’s ask ourselves this, how has this changed our country and situation? 

With the various dominating mentality of a common Nigerian man, woman, and child,…

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Your Mind, Your Future

As I look at our country Nigeria, I see the things that could be, things that need to go and grow, but what I notice most is the way we think. 

our minds have been set up to think in a certain way that's not contributing to our growths individually and as a collective.

Tools like politics, religion, tribe (ethnicity) have contributed to the big divide that plagues our country in every sense. From the way we treat each other, to the absurd beliefs we have. 

Growing up in Nigeria, as a little girl I was often misunderstood, kept to myself and did things differently. 

Now that I see how the world is working, it's only proper to share what I have learned and my knowledge does not come from age but from experiences and listening to people who have experienced too.

The future of any country is the children. This does not mean that our generation is hopeless, it only means that we have the opportunity to do it right.

All hands on deck!!

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