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New Music Video Release (SECOND CHANCE)

New Music Video Release 

Hello, Zebels (It's safe to call my fans by their right names). 
In November 2019, I traveled back to Nigeria to visit with my family and did some studio recording work. The twist is that…

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Making it count

Have you listened? 
I decided earlier this year to shake things in my work, one thing I am doing is working with various artists on my projects.  

In March 2019, I release a single titled “Good anger” listen here during…

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My first concert in Budapest


I know this blog post is coming late but I’m avoiding the word “late” because everything happens when it should. 

I mean I’ve wanted so many things in the past so badly that I have sleepless nights, anxiety…

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Feeling the summer breeze



What have I been doing? 

I am writing my first album, speaking with various producers, researching and listening to tons of albums. After releasing my last single, I was trying to figure out what next to do.  

It's more than…

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Good Anger & A suprise


It's two days to my single release and I can't keep calm. 

I made check lists and I'm through 90% of them, now I can't wait to share this song with you.  

As I started talking about my movement…

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The Past Three Weeks!!!


I started this year with planning my music and my social movement - The Mind Revolution  

I have’nt been posting new songs and more of my work but it's not because I don’t work or want to release…

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